Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ajay medical store

what is this ?

We start a new listing in online selling door step service.Which is important part of our daily life like we buy clothes,shoes,mobiles so why not medicines.I saw that people search for some medicines on different stores and asking for availability.Why people waste of their time in doing these things because health is wealth.They never compromise with their health so i starting a service you will send me mail with full description of product. 

about us

we have a medical store so we have lots of experince to do and we work in delhi's largest medicine market bhagirathi palace so we provide you product in every condition.

working concept

Suppose you need a medicinal product(any type like ayurvedic,unani,english etc). you mail us on "" with full description.our work starts here we search product in our store.if it is not here then we try in market if there is not then we try retail chemist.

          So please support for us please send your medicinal requirements on

this is our starting so we deliver in delhi only